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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Life as a Book 2011

Margot Kinberg at her excellent blog, Confessions of a Mystery Novelist, finished a set of sentences with book titles. The sentences involving autobiographical statements were created at the blog Pop Culture Nerd. I was inspired to take on completing the sentences from books I have read.

One time at band/summer camp, I: (was) Burying Ariel (Gail Bowen)

Weekends at my house are: Forty Words of Sorrow (Giles Blunt)

My neighbor is: Missing (Karen Alvtegen)

My boss is: Immoral (Brian Freeman)

My ex was: King Con (Stephen J. Cannell)

My superhero secret identity is: The Sherlockian (Graham Moore)

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry because: The Devil in Me (J.D. Carpenter)

I’d win a gold medal in: Prairie Hardball (Alison Gordon)

I'd pay good money for: A Painted House (John Grisham)

If I were Prime Minister rather than president as I am Canadian I would: Cross Bones (Kathy Reichs)

When I don't have good books, I am: Dreaming of Bones (Kathy Reichs)

Loud talkers at the movies should be: The Vanished Man (Jeffrey Deaver)

I did manage to find 5 titles written by Canadian authors.

I found it fun and challenging for some of the sentences. Why not give it a try and post your efforts in a comment at Pop Culture Nerd.


  1. Nice answers, Bill! I'm a bit worried about your neighbor but don't worry, I won't call the police on you. Your secret identity is mighty impressive (I'm a huge Holmes fan). And extra points for including Canadian authors!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Actually a police officer is my neighbour.

  3. Bill - Oh, these are fabulous! I'm so very glad you played along. I'm impressed with your answers :-). But - erm - who was Ariel? ;-)

  4. Excellent, Bill! Great answers. Yeah, who WAS Ariel? :)

  5. Love your secret identity!

    Here are mine: http://myreadersblock.blogspot.com/2011/09/my-life-as-book-2011-so-far.html

  6. Margot,Yvette and Bev:

    Thanks for the comments. I am sorry I have not responded sooner. I have been battling a bug during the weekend and have not looked at the computer for a couple of days. I hope I am in the recovery phase.

    Margot: You would have a special interest as Ariel Warren was a university professor in Regina who was killed and her colleague, professor Joanne Kilbourn, seeks the killer. The plot involves complexities of university politics I had not appreciated.

    Yvette: As indicated Ariel was a university professor in Saskatchewan. Getting stabbed in the back becomes literal in the book.

    Bev: I would love to have Sherlock's deductive skills in real life. I enjoyed your answers.