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Monday, May 7, 2012

Where's Anthony?

Herb and Anthony and a Hawaiian Sunset
Saskatchewan mystery author, Anthony Bidulka, and his spouse, Herb, are each turning 50 this year. They have come up with an amazing way to celebrate their mutual milestone birthdays.

Each of them is leaving this week from Saskatoon for at least a week alone on whatever fantasy trip he would like to make for a week. There are no limits on destination or activity. Neither was required to go anywhere during the week.

The only rule was that neither of them was to tell the other what they were doing for the week.

At the end of the week they are meeting at one of their favourite hotels, The Negresco, in Nice, France.

On the planning Anthony said:

I finally called upon the side of my brain that likes to make lists and graphs and organizational charts. Before becoming a writer, I did have a decade long career as a Chartered Accountant after all. I developed a strategy. I distilled my varied wants and desires into four criteria I wanted my experience to have. After much researching, I found that no where no how no way could I get all four at once. But I could find different combinations of three of the four. (Maybe I’ll find the elusive all-four-criteria-experience for my 100th birthday).

Free spirit that he is, Anthony has decided to give readers of his blog clues on where he is going on his trip.

The Negresco
Yesterday he posted his first clue on his blog.

It was not difficult to determine where he was at that time. I am sure all mystery bloggers and readers could figure out that clue.

Today he has the second clue. It is much more difficult. Here is a link to his blog.

It is going to be an exciting week following the clues.

The whole concept is so romantic and exciting and creative and just wonderful.

Anthony is encouraging readers of the blog to make a mental week long trip if they cannot take an actual trip. I know it has set my imagination thinking about what I would do if I had a week to do whatever I wanted.


  1. Bill - Oh, that is such a wonderful idea! I love it. What a great plan! Now excuse me while my own imagination takes a trip.... ;-)

  2. Margot: Thanks for the comment. The plan of Anthony and Herb has made me think how infrequently I use my imagination to dream big dreams.

  3. Well there have indeed been some very good guesses happening. And for those who aren't into guessing are sharing what they've come up with for their own mystery getaway (real or otherwise). Have fun all!

    Gotta go muck out that barn before the big race! (or maybe thats on TV?)


  4. Anthony: Thanks for commenting. It has been fun following your clues about where you are. Have a great time when you and Herb meet.

  5. I know what I would do with a week of my own: get a stack of great global mysteries, a huge vat of iced tea, and order-in menus.

    I would turn off the phone and dig into the mysteries, including those in my TBR mountain, and vicariously travel to Vigata, Sicily, France, Norway, British Columbia and other Canadian environs.

    For me, my preferred mode of travel is virtual. It's not expensive. There are no lines, nor are documents required.

    It's the best! (And one can find another locale if one isn't working out.)

  6. kathy d.: Whether in your virtual week or a real life week we would always be glad to see you visit Saskatchewan.

    In an exchange of emails Anthony has assured me we will soon know where he has spent the week. I saw his mother and sister at church last Sunday and they said he would not even tell them where he was spending the week!