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Friday, May 3, 2013

Crime Fiction Pick of the Month for April of 2013

For the month of April my reading was a touch below average in quantity. 

With regard to crime fiction I read 4 books.

I started with Pierced by Thomas Enger. It is not hard to guess what my entry for "E" in the Alphabet in Crime Fiction meme will be next week.

The second book was High Chicago by Howard Shrier featuring his Toronto based sleuth, Jonah Geller.

The third was Showdown at Border Town by Caroline Woodward. It was my entry for "C" and is an adventure in the Leaders & Legacies series featuring young future Canadian Prime Ministers. Showdown featured a 12 year old Paul Martin in and near Windsor.

The fourth was a legal mystery, Murder One, by Robert Dugoni. What I found most interesting was the email exchange I had with the author on a legal ethical issue after reading the book.

During April I also finished the third volume in William Manchester's wonderful biography of Winston Churchill. Defender of the Realm commences with Churchill becoming Prime Minister in the dark days of 1940. While it does cover the rest of his life over 75% of the 1,054 pages cover his actions during World War II. This volume was finished by Paul Reid as Manchester died before finishing this volume. I will be putting up posts about the book especially about Winston and "words". For a reader interested in Churchill's amazing life the series is long but worth the effort.

In crime fiction my pick of the month is Showdown at Border Town. It is both a good mystery and an impressive debut by a teenage Canadian author.


  1. Bill - It certainly is impressive when a teenage author of YA writes a crime fiction book that's a pick of the month. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as you did.

  2. Bill, I look forward to reading your post about Churchill's biography as I have been fascinated by his role during World War II, a period that interests me a lot. Every time I read about Churchill I discover something new about him.

  3. Margot: Thanks for the email. I think back the decades to when I was 18 *sigh* and know that I could not have written a book.

  4. Prashant: Thanks for the comment. I have also been fascinated by this man who lived a life that would not be credible as fiction.

  5. Bill, I am looking forward to seeing what you thought about Pierced by Thomas Enger. I have not read it yet.

  6. TracyK: Thanks for the comment.Please drop back Sunday evening and the post will be here.