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Friday, March 11, 2016

Lady Sharon and Mr. Selnes

Earlier this week the Melfort Public Library held a tea in honour of the Downton Abbey T.V. series coming to an end. The last show was broadcast in the U.S. and Canada on Sunday. As a member of the Library Board the staff asked me if I would be the butler. The results are in the accompanying photo.

Lady Sharon accompanied me to the tea and is the well dressed and far better looking Lady with me in the photo.
The tea was great fun.

It was a typical rural Saskatchewan event.

You can see the effort the staff made to set up lovely tables.

Board members loaned tea cups and silver services. We provided 6 teacups and saucers and a complete tea service.

Staff and board members prepared the food.

The staff wore costumes appropriate to the event and served.

I greeted the Ladies. There was only one other gentleman.

Once coats had taken by the staff I escorted ladies to the tables.

I understand I was a credible butler. While I might have a future as a butler it will not be in Melfort. Not a butler in the community.

There were trivia games on tea etiquette and the Downton Abbey series. Sharon and I tied as winners of the Downton Abbey trivia. I won on a tiebreaker question as to the cast name for their historic adviser – “The Oracle”. I picked out a prize of English teas and gave the box to Sharon.

We enjoyed crustless sandwiches, scones with lemon curd and clotted cream, small cakes and dainties.

There were a couple of musical selections from the teenage member of the staff. The first was the series theme song which actually has words. I had never heard them We sang along with her on the second song.

Most guests wore costumes. Sharon’s outfit was actually what she wore to our son’s wedding last fall. She has been looking for suitable events to wear her hat again. The tea was the perfect occasion.

More photos are on the Melfort Public Library Facebook Page.

And the pricing was rural Saskatchewan. Each of the guests paid $5.00.


  1. Oh, that must have been such a lovely event, Bill! And you both look fantastic. I think it's a really creative idea, too, to have an event like that. Such fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Margot: Thanks for the kind words. We enjoyed the evening. Living in a community of 6,000 we need to create our own events.

  3. What a fun event Bill

    I have a group of friends who have been watching each season of the show together. It started at the beginning because a friend in the UK sent me the DVD of the first series before the show aired here - I got this group of girlfriends together on a day when all the men folk were likely to be wanting to watch cricket and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves watching the entire series and eating little sandwiches - so we made it an annual event - each year my UK friend has sent the DVD for my birthday and 'the girls' have gotten together for a day's viewing during the Christmas/New Year holiday - this year we dressed up in honour of the final series and one of my friend's son's took on the role of butler - I'm sure you did a better job than our slightly surly 19 year old - though he got paid for his day :)

    1. Bernadette: Thanks for the comment. Those day long Downton Abbey marathons sound like a lot of fun. I regret there will not be a 7th season. There were still lots of plot lines to be developed.

      Now the young butler probably did not understand the need to maintain standards.

  4. Bill, that does sound like a fun evening. And you and Sharon both had lovely outfits.

  5. You told me this event was upcoming, and I am so glad to read your report and see the photo! What an excellent event that sounds .... and I'm sure if you ever run out of law-work you can take up a new career as a butler.

    1. I checked out the FB photos too - wonderful. Love your outfit, you look so authentic.

    2. Moira: Thanks for the comment and kind words. Having a wing tipped collar shirt and waist coat from my court robes helped. Best of all I got to sit with the Ladies!

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