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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chasing Darkness by Robert Crais

Occasionally I like to post a review I wrote before starting to blog. This post has a review from 2008 when I read Chasing Darkness. I have not read any books by Robert Crais for some time. I had found more recent books heavy in bodies and light in humour. Re-reading my review of Chasing Darkness reminded me that, almost a decade ago, the humour quotient was diminished. Still the review reminded that I liked the Elvis Cole series. Maybe it is time to go back to reading Crais.
28. – 438.) Chasing Darkness by Robert Crais – Elvis Cole is stunned when the LAPD alleges a murder suspect, Lionel Byrd, that he cleared 3 years before was actually a serial killer whose victims also include the murder for which he was cleared. Elvis, the World’s Greatest Detective, cannot believe that his work set free a killer. With the confidence/arrogance of those who cannot admit mistake Elvis and Joe Pike set out to find the real serial killer. Their investigation is stalled by a task force scooping up the evidence and cutting out the local police. Elvis calls on Carol Starkey to find a way to the evidence hidden away. At the same time he is dealing with his guilt and the anger of families who believe he set free a killer. As the case unravels it appears the killer may be a prominent politician. It is one of the rare mysteries where I sensed the killer well before the identity was revealed. Elvis is excellent at pursuing the threads leading to a solution. I did miss some of the personal life of Elvis being a part of the story. I miss the humour of the earliest in the series. Elvis has become too serious. I was impressed that the “bad guys” cannot be identified by physical flaws. Hardcover or paperback.


  1. I like the wit in the early Cole/Pike novels, too, Bill. I think it adds to the story, and certainly to Cole's character. And you know, I haven't read this series just lately, myself. Perhaps I should get back to it...

    1. Margot: Thanks for the comment. We can each do posts on a return to Crais.