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Sunday, December 1, 2019

High Tea at Koffee Grounds

It is not quite a tradition in Melfort but High Tea at Koffee Grounds is lovely. Sharon and I had our second High Tea there this afternoon.

Here is a photo of Sharon. I think she is suitably regal for a formal tea.

I was much more casual in a bright red sweater.

We have enjoyed High Tea in a few places.

We had a memorable High Tea at the Butchart Gardens outside Victoria on a beautiful spring day. We were next to a window with a view down the rolling green lawn to the ocean. I felt we were in the middle of an episode of Downton Abbey.

A few decades ago we had High Tea at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto. It is a beautiful hotel. My great-uncle lived there in a suite during the late 1920's until he lost his investments in the Crash of 1929. 

The greatest number of High Teas have been while on cruises with Oceania. They grandly host a High Tea at 4:00 every afternoon. It is a wonderful way to end the afternoon.

Back in Melfort today there was a significant selection of teas. Sharon chose a Peach Ginger tea and was happy with her choice. I had to guess as about the only time I drink tea is when we go to High Tea. I selected a plain Peach tea. It was alright.

The tower to the right was filled with delectable treats.

At the top were Cranberry Bacon Mini Cheese Balls. I could easily have eaten several more.

At the top and bottom were individual Pavlovas. They were creamy and light.

On the middle tier Sharon loved the Smoked Salmon Cucumber bites with a touch of dill and cream cheese. 

The Blackberry Feta Watermelon Bites were interesting and flavourful but probably our least favourites.

The Honey Ricotta Peach Crostinis were bright and tasty. We liked best the Crostinis without bits of bacon.

On the bottom layer we each enjoyed the scones. Accompanying them were Saskatoon berry preserves.  We spooned the distinctly Saskatchewan preserve on our scones.

Out of sight (I am not the best photo taker) were little sandwiches and cookies. The crustless Cucumber Dill sandwiches were great. They had such a fresh flavour.

Below is a photo I took this evening of the Christmas themed sugar cookies. We were so full we have yet to taste them.

We hope High Tea becomes a tradition at Koffee Grounds. And no jokes about High Tea at a coffee shop. They have lots of fine teas available every day.

Back to writing about books in my next post.


  1. You're right, Bill. Sharon does look quite regal (and lovely). And what a great afternoon, too. I've had High Tea a few times, and it's such a fun experience. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Margot: Thanks for the comment. I wish more guys would come out for High Tea. Good food and good company.