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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Five Moves of Doom by A.J. Devlin

(25. - 1130.) Five Moves of Doom by A.J. Devlin - Being arrested for murder while “wearing nothing but a skin tight pair of Andr√© the Giant boxer briefs” by Rya Shepard, a woman to whom he is attracted, is a bad way to start the day for Jed “Hammerhead” Ounstead.

Hammerhead had been hired by Elijah Lennox to recover his stolen MMA Light Heavyweight Championship Belt. The “diamond-encrusted” belt was worth over $200,000. It had been taken from a display case at Lennox Kickboxing and Pankration.

While reviewing a list of possible suspects Hammerhead touches Nirvanna with a Rocky Point Ice Cream’s banana milkshake. He orders 5 for the road. I was mildly dismayed. I had loved that Hammerhead had been addicted to Dairy Queen banana milkshakes.

Famed jewel thief, Wally Fitzgibbons, who had been employed by Lennox is the primary suspect. 

Hammerhead diligently pursues the investigation. 

During his investigation he makes a heralded return to the professional wrestling ring. His physical talents and natural flair are perfect for the entertainment that is pro wrestling.

The investigation’s resolution takes him into a vicious rooftop fight club. Even with the fights having neither rules nor referees he makes a terrible mistake in not learning what is needed to end a fight. The consequences challenge his mind and body. 

His girlfriend, Stormy Davis, the Amazonian roller derby star that he met in Rolling Thunder has fallen in love with Hammerhead. He cares about Stormy while thinking about Rya. Hammerhead’s conscience is ill at ease. Stormy deserves better.

Hammerhead has spent his life confident he can handle any physical confrontation. Now he faces mortality. How will he handle that inexorable fate?

I have watched proud, hard, powerful men in professional football and judo face their physical peak has passed. Some accept reality. Others deny their decline.

The best part of the book came with Hammerhead wrestling (pun intended) with his life. Earlier parts of the book had some clichéd language.

I was disappointed with Hammerhead’s decision at the end of the book. I will say no more in this post as it would be a spoiler. We all have choices in tough circumstances. Some define a life.

It is a good book. I am still reflecting on the ending. 


This review will be part of a book tour that A.J. has put together. I appreciate him inviting me to participate. I encourage readers to head over to his Facebook page to read the thoughts of other bloggers. As well, I have written to A.J. and will be putting up a post on October 12 of our exchange.



  1. Bill, I just purchased a copy of the first book, Cobra Clutch. It could be a bit violent for me, but I think it is worth a try.

    1. TracyK: Thanks for the comment. I believe you will be charmed by Hammerhead and discouraged by the violence. On balance I think you will be glad you read the book.