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I am a lawyer in Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada who enjoys reading, especially mysteries. Since 2000 I have been writing personal book reviews. This blog includes my reviews, information on and interviews with authors and descriptions of mystery bookstores I have visited. I strive to review all Saskatchewan mysteries. Other Canadian mysteries are listed under the Rest of Canada. As a lawyer I am always interested in legal mysteries. I have a separate page for legal mysteries. Occasionally my reviews of legal mysteries comment on the legal reality of the mystery. You can follow the progression of my favourite authors with up to 15 reviews. Each year I select my favourites in "Bill's Best of ----". As well as current reviews I am posting reviews from 2000 to 2011. Below my most recent couple of posts are the posts of Saskatchewan mysteries I have reviewed alphabetically by author. If you only want a sentence or two description of the book and my recommendation when deciding whether to read the book look at the bold portion of the review. If you would like to email me the link to my email is on the profile page.

Saskatchewan Mysteries by Author

Bidulka, Anthony - Russell Quant series and Adam Saint series and Standalones

The author's website is http://www.anthonybidulka.com/ 

2011 Questions and Answers with Anthony; (2012) - Where's Anthony?; (2013) - Anthony Bidulka has Lambda Nomination and New Book; (2014) - Post on Carol Balawyder's blog on How I Got Published; (2016) - Why do so Many Canadian Crime Series have Cross-Border Settings and Anthony's Personal Experience(2021) - Anthony Bidulka and Hesitation Over the Cover Photo; (2024) Rural Life in Saskatchewan Through Crime Fiction

    1.) Russell Quant series – (2004) - Amuse Bouche
    (Most interesting of 2004 – fiction and non-fiction);
    (2005) - Flight of Aquavit (2nd Best fiction in 2005);
   (2005) - Tapas on the Ramblas (2006) - Stain of the
   Berry; (2008) - Sundowner Ubuntu(2009) - Aloha, 
   Candy Hearts; (2010) - Date with a Sheesha(2012) -
   Dos Equis and Q & A and Thoughts on Q &A; (2012)
   or Hardcover

    2.) Adam Saint series - (2013) - When the Saints Go
   Marching  In; (2015) - The Women of Skawa Island

    3.) Merry Bell series - (2023) - Livingsky and Merry

    4.) Standalones - (2017) - Set Free; (2022) - Going to 

Bowen, Gail – 2011 Questions and Answers with Gail; 2011 Suggestions for Gail on losing court cases; The author's website is http://www.gailbowen.com/ - (2011) Deadly Appearances; (2013) Murder at the Mendel; The Wandering Soul Murders (Not reviewed); A Colder Kind of Death (Not reviewed); A Killing Spring (Not reviewed); Verdict in Blood (Not reviewed); (2000) - Burying Ariel (Second best fiction of 2000); (2002) - The Glass Coffin; (2004) - The Last Good Day; (2007) – The Endless Knot (Second Best Fiction of 2007); (2008) - The Brutal Heart; (2010) - The Nesting Dolls; (2012) - "B" is for Gail Bowen; (2012) - Kaleidoscope and Q & A on Kaleidoscope; (2013) - The Gifted and Q & A and Comparing with How the Light Gets In; (2015) - 12 Rose Street; Q & A with Gail Bowen on Writing and the Joanne Kilbourn Series; (2016) - What's Left Behind and Heritage Poultry in Saskatchewan Crime Fiction; (2017) - The Winners' Circle; (2018) - Sleuth - Gail Bowen on Writing Mysteries / Gail the Grand Master - Part I and Part II; (2018) - A Darkness of the Heart and Email Exchange on ADOH; (2020) - The Unlocking Season; (2021) - An Image in the Lake and The Fourth "F" is Forgiveness; (2023) - What's Past is Prologue and  and Law Matters in What's Past is Prologue; (2023) - The LegacyHardcover

Brunanski, Nelson – (2005) - Crooked Lake; (2010) - Frost Bite; (2012) - Burnt Out(2024) Rural Life in Saskatchewan Through Crime Fiction

Chorney, Ruth - (2019) - Buried

Dooley, Anne M. – (2004) - Plane Death; Paperback

Florence, Elinor - (2019) = Bird's Eye View and The Women of Meskanaw Who Went to War

Gordon, Alison - (2011) - Prairie Hardball; (2015) - Alison Gordon has Died 

Harasymchuk, Rob – (2006) - The Joining of Dingo Radish

Jackson, Joanne - (2023) - A Snake in the Raspberry Patch

Kingsmill, Peter - (2019) - Sunset at 20:47

Legault, Stephen - (2013) - The Third Riel Conspiracy

Miller, Scott Gregory – (2008) – Silence Invites the Dead; (2017) - Black Thursday and Miners Tombstone in Bienfait; Hardcover or Paperback

Safarik, Allan - (2015) - Swedes' Ferry  and The Pinkerton's and Old Bill Miner

Schmeiser, Douglas - (2010) - A Settling of Accounts

Wilson, Garrett - (2002) - Guilty Addictions; Paperback


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