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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Brutal Heart by Gail Bowen

48. - 458.) The Brutal Heart by Gail Bowen – Joanne Kilborn and her paraplegic husband, Zack Shreeve, are doing well. The series is evolving into the Kilborn and Shreeve series. Her older children are moving ahead in their lives, Taylor is a blossoming teenager and her grandchildren (Lena and Madeline) are adorable. High class call girl, Cristal Avilia is murdered. Joanne is shaken when she learns that, prior to their relationship, Zack had availed himself of Cristal’s professional skills. There are an abundance of prominent Reginans whose pasts are exposed by her death. In a very credible way Joanne and Zack deal with his past. At the same time Zack’s law firm is representing star conservative politician, Ginny Monaghan, in a nasty custody case. The trial is taking place during an election campaign. (It was alittle unreal to have a custody case over 14 year old twins. In real life the teenagers would have decided between the parents. You cannot force a teenager to live with someone.) During the trial rumours surface over the relationship between Ginny’s husband, Jason Brodsky, and Cristal. As Ginny’s political future seesaws during the heated election campaign Joanne explores Cristal’s life trying to find out what happened. I never thought about where call girls come from. Cristal came from Wadena. As the plot develops Zack and Joanne have a happy vivid family life. I cannot recall another mystery series where the heroine/hero has such a normal life. It does remain perilous to be a member of Zack’s office. There were touches of Saskatchewan in the book (mainly with regard to Regina locations and a trip to Wadena) but there is no essential Saskatchewan feature to the plot. The story is well told. I jumped into the book reading the opening 100 pages between Grey Cup events one afternoon and evening. As well, it is a great book because there is no other mystery series with a key character being a 50+ Saskatchewan lawyer. Harcover. (Nov. 24/08)

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