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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Date with a Sheesha by Anthony Bidulka

16. - 529.) Date with a Sheesha by Anthony Bidulka – Russell Quant starts again at “The Dief” (Saskatoon Airport) where he has been mysteriously summoned to view the death of Neil Gupta. Pranav Gupta hires Russell to determine why his son died in Dubai where he had been buying carpets and lecturing on carpets. Pranav suspects Neil was killed because he was gay. Russell’s love of adventure and a hefty fee override his unease at heading to the gay unfriendly Middle East. Russell is briefly, too briefly, torn over leaving his lover Ethan in Saskatoon. A pragmatic man, Pranav, provides Russell with a cover story, Neil’s replacement from the university, which will also enable the completion of Neil’s mission. To further aid Russell there is Hema, a lovely, if prickly, travel companion. (Getting ready Russell bustles around Saskatoon in his new vehicle, a Mazda 5 minivan. I chuckled at Russell’s misgivings about chosing  comfort – “the Babamobile” - over style for his personal vehicle. I laughed aloud for the first time in reading in a long time when he discovers his Ukrainian mother has purchased the same model.) Soon Russell and Hema are in Dubai experiencing the amazing sights and buildings built to be spectacular. Well aware of the dangers of being openly gay Russell discreetly seeks information. As he probes the carpet world and gay world of Dubai Russell hears rumours Neil has been seeking the Zinko, an ancient carpet inlaid with precious stones forming a treasure map to a cache of jewels. The map was the only aspect of the plot that was not credible. There was no explanation on why those in possession of such a carpet over the past centuries would not have sought out the cache. A wonderful carpet with jewels would have been sufficient. Later, back home another very clever Saskatchewan means of murder is attempted of Russell. In the series Anthony has come up with more Saskatchewan methods of murder than I imagined possible in our peaceful province. As always the dialogue is brisk and witty. The relationships between the characters are genuine. An excellent book. (Apr. 18/10)

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