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Friday, April 8, 2011

Voodoo River by Robert Crais

The Alphabet in Crime Fiction meme at Mysteries in Paradise hosted by Kerrie Smith moves to the letter "V" this week. I have chosen Voodoo River by Robert Crais. I usually am not fond of mysteries that take their character far from home to deal with a mystery but Elvis Cole's trip to Louisana is a very good story.


20. - 275.) Voodoo River by Robert Crais – Elvis Cole is asked by adopted T.V. star, Jodi Taylor, to find her birth parents in rural Louisiana. Cole meets attorney, Lucy Chenier, who advises him on how to pursue a 36 year old adoption trail. There is an immediate personal attraction that Cole is eager to advance. A surprising father to Taylor is identified whose identity has been used to blackmail both mother and daughter. The action heats up when Taylor has Cole and Joe Pike take on the blackmailers who also run illegal immigrants. The ending is clever and violent. A century old turtle, Luther, is as spine chilling a threat in interrogation as I have read. Excellent. (Apr. 23/05)


  1. Thanks for remind me of Robert Crais, and author that has been long standing on my tbr list.

  2. Bill - Oh, how interesting: I almost chose this very same book for my contribution. I'm glad now that I didn't, as you did an excellent job here with your review. It is a good story and the Elvis Cole character is interesting. I like it when sleuth isn't "cookie cutter."

  3. I remember watching HILL STREET BLUES when Crais was working on it but I have never quite managed to read any of his books - I shall really try to remedy this - thanks very much Bill, sounds fascinating.

  4. If the writer knows enough about the setting, I think it may work well to move your protagonist about a bit, but many writers have fallen into the trap of writing about a setting they only know very superficially. I have laughed a lot at Robert Goddard who sends his hero to Denmark where he finds an old sheep farm near Aarhus.

  5. Jose Ignacio: Thank you for the comment. I believe you will enjoy reading Robert Crais especially the earlier books.

    Margot: I am always amazed at the breadth of your knowledge of authors. Elvis is a "character".

    Sergio: I equally believe you will find Crais' books good reading.

    Dorte: I find it detracts from the story if I can tell the setting is not accurate. If you are going to move the character please do some research. Anthony Bidulka's character, Russell Quant, travels in every mystery. I know Anthony always goes to the locale before writing about it.

  6. I like to say that I am Robert Crais' biggest fan. I just love his books - most especially the Elvis and Joe series.

    VOODOO RIVER is a great choice for V. It was my introduction to Elvis and Joe and I've never looked back. I picked up the book at a Barnes and Noble on a whim, read it and ran back for every Crais book they had in stock. I do remember the deadly turtle - Luther. HA!

    I've have the good fortune to meet Robert Crais and communicate with him over the years. He is the sweetest, dearest man. (Not to mention, incredibly good looking.) When I went for my chemo a few years ago, he sent me one of the best notes of encouragement I received.

    He has recently written three books in which Joe Pike takes center stage, one of them: THE FIRST RULE is, to my mind, a classic of its kind.

    But he has a new Elvis p.o.v. book coming out soon, I think.

  7. Yvette: Thanks for the comment. I am glad to hear about Robert as a person. If I am ever near an author event featuring him I will make sure to attend. I was moved that he cared about you and sent a personal note. I enjoy his books. I do prefer Joe as a secondary rather than primary character