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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly

45. – 508.) Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly – Harry Bosch takes on the investigation of the murder of a Chinese liquor store owner in a black neighbourhood. The investigation swiftly focuses on a tong enforcer who would have been at the store around the time of the killing. After arresting the enforcer, Chang, Harry receives a video from Hong Kong showing his daughter, Maddie, has been kidnapped. With no means of getting any answers from Chang or the tong Harry flies to Hong Kong where he meets his ex-lover, Eleanor Wish, and they pursue leads on where Maddie is being held. It was amazing how Harry is able to get information from a window reflection on the video through complex technical enhancements. The hunt for his daughter is violent and shocking. As he pursued the kidnappers I kept wondering why a tong would risk the attention that would descend upon them by kidnapping the daughter of a police officer to gain the release of a low level member. In the end Connelly, as he always does in his books brings together the threads and provides a realistic solution. The entry of Maddie into Harry’s life provides a new series of personal development as he will have to balance a family with work. It will be intriguing how a teenage daughter will be fitted into his life. No woman has sustained a long term relationship with the cop obsessed with his work. I am reminded of the mysteries of Gail Bowen and Anthony Bidulka where family members are active participants in the stories. I enjoyed the book but the standard of several earlier works was higher. Hardcover. (Nov. 23/09)


  1. Bill - Thanks for the thoughtful review. One of the things that I respect about Connelly is his willingness to try new thing, strike out in different directions and experiment. And I agree with you that having Maddie in Bosch's life is going to add several new dimensions to the story. It'll be interesting to see what Connelly does with their relationship.

  2. Margot: Thanks for the comment. I need to be reminded that I do like to see change in the lives of characters even if it is not always done as well as earlier books in a series.

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