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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Small Death in Lisbon by Robert Wilson

Kerrie Smith at her blog Mysteries in Paradise is hosting the Crime Fiction on a EuroPass meme this summer and winter. There are 12 stops around Europe. Last week the journey started in England. This week trip has reached its second destination in Spain/Portugal. I have chosen a mystery set in Portugal.


19. -151.) A Small Death in Lisbon by Robert Wilson – Police inspector, Ze Coelho, investigates the death of a teenage girl in Lisbon in the 1990’s. Klaus Felsen is taken into the SS and sent to Lisbon in the 1940’s to represent the SS. For 534 pages their stories wind and come together in a complex, exquisitely plotted mystery. The storyline is unflinching. The characters are human not stereotypes. There may have been too many extra twists for me but they were never forced. A worthy Gold Dagger winner. Paperback or cover (Apr. 21/03)


  1. I'm glad someone chose Portugal. I went for Barcelona and read a book by someone I had never heard of. That's why I like these challenges. they get my undernourished library research side cranking and excited. It turned out to be an excellent choice. I'm curious to see how this week's will play out among the other participants.

    And a belated thanks for the link to my post on the great Minneapolis book store -- Uncle Edgar's. Enjoyed your personal take on the store as well.

  2. I'm in Barcelona too this week.

    I borrowed the unabridged audio of A Small Death in Lisbon a few years ago. It's a long listen but an absorbing one. As I work my way through the dagger winners, it remains memorable. So I'd agree, a worthy winner.

  3. Thanks for your contribution Bill. I'm trying to get Portugal on the mini-map but without success so far

  4. Bill - Thanks for this review. I like the fact that those two stories, past and present, merge and are related. It takes a deft hand to do that well and I'm glad you found that those plot strands were woven together effectively.

  5. John,Lizzy, Kerrie and Margot: Thank you for the comments.

    John: I equally know I am going to read some books for this meme I would not have tried had it not been for the meme.

    Lizzy: I am glad you enjoyed the book. It was an excellent mystery.

    Kerrie: I hope Portugal can make it to the map. I am glad I chose Portugal with most of the other participants going to Spain.

    Margot: It can certainly be perilous for an author entertwining stories from past and present. Wilson did it well.