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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Life in My Hands by J.W. Ehrlich

2. – 465.)  A Life in My Hands by J.W. Ehrlich – The flamboyant San Francisco lawyer wrote his autobiography at 65 in 1965. He recounts leaving home in rural Maryland at 16 after a dispute with his father. After serving in WW I he rode the rails to San Francisco arriving totally broke. While working 2 jobs he also attended law schools. He supplemented his income by boxing professionally. A very clever and innovative lawyer he became San Francisco’s choice for those in desperate trouble with the law. He maintained friendships with the police, underworld and business community. He obviously never turned down a request for an interview and always provided one or more lively quotes. He would use tricks and manipulations if needed. Mainly he relied on hard work and his oratorical skills to save everyone he represented who was charged with capital murder from the gas chamber. He represented people in family law and other forms of litigation and had business clients. He reminds me of my practice on the grand scale of San Francisco. He loved the city. The “Master” had no patience for those who considered themselves high and mighty. He enjoyed the characters of his city. He deplored false modesty and was proud of his accomplishments. At 65 he relished every day from when he awoke at 5:00 in the morning until he retired around midnight. He had a simple fee quote for those charged with murder. It was E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G they owned for what service is more valuable than saving a client from execution. As I re-read the book (I have an old paperback version) I was reminded more and more of Ajit. Each had a long term excellent marriage and 2 children. Each was a small fierce fighter for his client who was afraid of no one. Each was ready to throw a punch if necessary. The stories are told very well. It is easy to understand his success at the bar. (There is a blog carried on by his estate called neverpleadguilty. Apparently that was his standard advice to clients. There is abundance of interesting information and a video of him on the Johnny Carson which was thoughtful and almost ½ hour long.) (Jan. 4/09) (Second Best of 2009 non-fiction)


  1. Bill - Oh, he certainly had an interesting life and a lot to say. How interesting that he was able to keep the lines of communication open with all sorts of people on both sides of the law. That's a valuable skill for a lawyer to have and probably not an easy one to acquire. Interesting title for that blog, too!

  2. Margot: Thanks for the comment. Sometimes real life people are as full of character as fictional people.