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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cool Canadian Crime Fiction On a Dark and Stormy Night

It is a dark and stormy night in Saskatchewan as we have our first winter storm. It rained yesterday to put down a layer of ice. Now we are getting several centimetres of snow to cover the ice. I expect we will have the snow until April.

This evening Sharon and I went to Mass. There were less than 20 people at church. The wind and snow kept most of the Melfort Saturday night Catholics at home.

After we got home Sharon and I watched an episode of the Castle T.V. series while eating some buttered popcorn. It is nice to be snug at home.

It also seemed a suitable night to do some wandering about the internet with regard to Canadian crime fiction.

The highlight of the month is the release on November 29 of The Women of Skawa Island by Anthony Bidulka. The Saskatchewan author is having his book launch at McNally Robinson Booksellers in Saskatoon.

Sharon and I would have been there but we are going to be in Vancouver for the Grey Cup (Canada’s Professional Football Championship) that weekend. I have media accreditation and will be reporting on the game.

I sent an email to Anthony advising of our regrets. He graciously wished us a good time in Vancouver.

I am looking forward to reading the book in December. It is the second in the Adam Saint series.

Another book launch in November took place in Toronto a week ago for The Glass House by David Rotenberg. It is the third book in the Junction Chronicles chronology. I enjoyed the series but my review of The Glass House provided but modest praise for the book.
Other book releases for November noted by the Crime Writers of Canada are:

Rick Blechta, Roses for a Diva, Dundurn
Jen J. Danna, No One Sees Me 'Til I Fall
Klaus Jakelski, Dead Wrong, Blue Denim Press
J. A. Menzies, Shadow of a Butterfly, MurderWillOut Mysteries

Probably the most interesting stat of the year is that the Crime Writers of Canada have listed 70 books being published in 2014 by members of the CWC. I think of it as a good number for Canada. Alas, I have read but a fraction of all the Canadian crime fiction for this year.

More information is available in the CWC Cool Canadian Crime Quarterly.

Once I am done shoveling tomorrow morning I can get back to reading some Canadian crime fiction. After watching what happened in Buffalo this week I am not going to complain about dealing with a few centimetres of snow.


  1. Thanks for the update Bill - and that sounds like a very cosy night in round your way.

    1. Moira: Thanks for the comment. Finished shoveling the snow this afternoon and it is now -20C.

  2. I don't mind the snow - it's the fog and damp we are having here (in the French Alps) without much snow that I find depressing in November. Great achievement for Canadian authors, I think - so good to see so many of them so active and writing well!

    1. Marina: Thanks for the comment. I will take clear and cold over fog and damp all the time. I hope you get some snow.

  3. Bill - Thanks for the update. It's always good to her what's going on with Canadian writers, and I'm very excited for the release of the second in the Adam Saint series. Glad you and Sharon are staying safe and warm.

    1. Margot: Thanks for the comment. It has been awhile since Anthony had a book published. I am not going to wait until Christmas to read it.