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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sleuth of Baker Street Bookstore

I have been going to Sleuth of Baker Street in Toronto since it was in its second location. Most of my visits have been to the striking black store at 1600 Bayview over the past 16 years. It is my favourite bookstore though it is 2,500 km from Melfort. I go every trip I make to Toronto.
Walking into Sleuth is to enter a mystery lovers paradise. Floor displays, table displays and four walls are filled with books. Around the counter J.D. and/or Marian welcome all customers. For many years joining the greeting were the cats with Paddington the last of the group. A dog, Percy, has replaced the cats. It is a special place. When I enter the store my body relaxes and I am at home.
My sons, once they were old enough to read adult books in the mid-1990’s, were always eager to join me driving to Leaside or riding the bus from the Davisville subway stop.
On one memorable winter visit Jonathan, curled up in a chair before the fireplace, was so engrossed in his book that his runners started smoking before he realized he was too close to the fire.
I always appreciated that J.D. and Marian were willing to discuss what might interest a shopper and provide specific rather than generic recommendations. Their newsletter, The Merchant of Menace, is equally helpful. I eagerly await the bi-monthly publication to see which books are being recommended. They have introduced me to more mystery authors than any other source. From experience I know if they recommend a book I am likely to enjoy it.
Within the store, the shelf of their newsletter recommended books is a starting point for surveying the store. I have appreciated having the recommended books in one location instead of scattered through the store.
Sleuth has the largest selection of mysteries in Canada and one of the largest in North America. It has been wonderful to find new authors on every visit and know that it is probable earlier books in a series will be in stock.
After 31 years in three locations on Bayview Sleuth is moving to 907 Millwood Road (the southeast corner of Millwood Road and Sutherland Drive). While it is hard to see the store move I am looking to forward to the new store where J.D. and Marian promise to make finding books easier by keeping all of an author’s books in one area.
I hope Sleuth will be open for another two decades in its new home. My only problem with Sleuth is being unable to take home all the books I would like to buy on each visit. You can visit Sleuth online at http://www.sleuthofbakerstreet.ca/.

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