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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Update on 6th Canadian Book Challenge

Over half the year of the challenge, July 1 to July 1, has passed and I am just over half way on the reading challenge. After 7 months I have read 8 of the 13 books I plan to read to meet the challenge which is hosted by John Mutford at his blog, The Book Mine Set. A year ago I was reading at at the same pace. I had 8 books read by the end of February

The seven I have read to date are:

1.) Before the Poison by Peter Robinson - Chris Lowndes has returned to England after a successful 35 years in America. When he finds out that the former owner, Grace Fox, was hanged for killing her husband in the house he feels compelled to find out why she was executed. There is an excellent trial sequence from her trial;

2.) The Water Rat of Wanchai by Ian Hamilton - Ava Lee may ben the most aggressive forensic accountant in crime fiction and real life. Following in the footstpes of Travis McGee she joins in the recovery of property and money from skilfull thieves when all other means have failed. The books takes her around the world;

3.) Murder in a Cold Climate (1988) by Scott Young - One of Canada's most prolific authors delved into crime fiction with this very interesting investigation led by the RCMP's first inspector. It was my favourite find of the seven to date (Fish and Brewis);

4.) The Legends of the Lake on the Mountain by Roderick Benns - The second in the Legacy and Leaders Young Adult series sees our first Prime Miniser, Sir John A. Macdonald, as a teenager near Kingston investigating a water monster (Caesar);

5.) Healthy, Wealthy & Dead (1994) by Suzanne North - The first mystery in the Phoebe Fairfax series sees the television camera woman dealing with murder in a modern "rustic" resort in the foothills of the Rockies just outside Calgary (Donair);

6.) River in a Dry Land by Trevor Herriot - The Saskatchewan naturalist travels the length and breadth of the Qu'Appelle producing a book rich in history, observation and reflection (Moosehead Beer);

7.) Redefining Success by W. Brent Wilson - The Saskatchewan born investment banker made a fortune in Calgary while losing his wife and drifting far from his children. He advocaes a lifestyle that encourages participation in community events. I will be posting the review later this month (Double Double); and,

8.) Sleep While I Sing by L.R. Wright - The second book in the Karl Alberg series set on the B.C. Sunshine Coast in Sechelt sees the RCMP officer investigating a gruesome death just off the main highway. It is a good book but not of the quality of the first in the series, The Suspect. The only one for which I do not yet have a review is Sleep While I Sing by L.R. Wright. I plan to write a review later this month (Yellow Pea Soup).
The names at the end of each book description is that of  a classic Canadian food or drink. They mark each level reached in the Challenge.

I expect I am going to meet the challenge but I will probably not read more than the 13 needed for the challeng.


  1. Bill - You're making real progress on this challenge. I give you credit! I have a lot of respect for people who take on and complete these challenges.

  2. Margot: Thanks for the encouraging words. I am tempted by other challenges but would rather more flexibility in my reading.

  3. You are so far ahead of me. I have only read 3 of 13 for the challenge so far. I am planning on getting in a lot of books by Canadian authors or set in Canada before July 1. I have two I plan to read this month.

  4. TracyK: Thanks for the kind words. I am sure you will meet the challenge. Participating in the Challenge for the last 2 years has encouraged me to read more Canadian authors.