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Saturday, July 9, 2022

Where Do You Like to Read?

It is a lovely summer evening in Saskatchewan as I sit out on our deck reading and blogging. It is 24C (about 75F). We do not have enough such evenings. On the deck we have comfortable chairs and stools just perfect for reading. While sitting here tonight I have been thinking about where I have liked to read over the years.

When I was a boy growing up on the farm at Meskanaw I usually sat at the end of a heavy set green couch in the house to read a book from the library.

At St. Peter’s College in Muenster where I attended boarding school most of my reading was done at my desk in study hall. We had large desks with angled lift up tops. With study hall 6 mornings a week and 2 more hours 6 nights a week there was lots of opportunity for reading when school work was done.

When I had the chance I would also read downstairs in the school library. I read more magazines there. I read every article in Time magazine every week.

At university in Saskatoon I found I could easily distract myself if I stayed at home so I looked for other spots.

During law school I often studied at the Law Library, many times after it was closed. It was easier to concentrate with fewer people around.

Over the 4 years in Saskatoon I did more studying in the Grosvenor United Church. It was near where I was boarding and rooming. The Church let university students use the classrooms in the Church for studying. Unless it was exam time I was often the only student in the building during the evening. By my third year, if the caretaker knew I was there he would not come to lock up but trusted me to close up the building.

The Church was a good place to study but it could be too quiet. Being in a building alone at night when the pipes creak can be startling especially to those who love mystery fiction.

To avoid distractions I would take only university texts. Still, I would look for something else to read for a break in the evening. Occasionally I would read the Bible. I also read the United Church Observer magazine cover to cover every month.

Once I graduated and moved to Melfort I spent more time at the office my first few years than anywhere else.

After Sharon and I purchased our first house I liked to sit on a couch in our living room reading.

Our current home, where we have been resident for almost 39 years, has a nice office / den. In it are an office chair and a pair of armchairs. For the many months of the year when it was not possible to read outside I read there. I expect I have read 2,000 books in the den.

On nice summer days I love sitting out on the deck under our elm tree. It is a peaceful spot when there are no crows around.

Two years ago I wrote to Michael Christie, author of Greenwood, about the special feeling I have while reading beneath the branches of a great tree. A link to the post of our exchange is below.

While cruising I like to sit in big armchairs in the Horizons lounge at the top of Oceania ships. With the sun shining in, it is a wonderful place for reading.

What I do not attempt on the ship is reading a book while laying face down on a ship lounge chair. Some people manage to read a book held over the front edge of the chair or even placed upon the deck.

If readers of the blog would like to share where they would like to read I would be interested in hearing from you in a comment.


Email Exchange with Michael Christie


  1. I'm glad for you, Bill, that you have some good places to read. Both your deck and your armchairs sound very comfortable. And there's nothing like a comfortable, inviting place to settle in with a book. I do most of my reading in my home office. I remember, though, spending lots of time reading in school libraries. My secondary school library was especially inviting, although it wasn't fancy. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

    1. Margot: Thanks for the comment. I wondered where you did your reading. I think we have each spent a lot of time in libraries.